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An Anime Community

The AnimeScape
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This is an area for discussion on anything Anime. Users are free to display reviews, artwork, cosplay photos, icons, wallpapers, fanfics, and other works that they have created.

♥ Please note that audio and video files, unless you have obtained prior permission from the creator are not to be distributed within this community.

♥ Contests will be held once the community gains members. Themes for each contest will be posted within the community, as well as on the bio page. All members are encourage, but not required to join in. Winners of the contests will have their works featured on the bio page and received a nifty trophy to display in their journal, bio page, web site, etc.

♥ Anime and manga are not the only topics that can be discussed. Users are welcomed to discuss Japanese television of films.

♥ Membership is open to anyone and everyone. If a lot of spamming occurs, I will be forced to approve membership in the future.

♥ Please keep l33t to a minimum. Some people (like me) find an over excessive use of l33t very annoying. -__-;