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Sakasa Jin'ei [userpic]
by Sakasa Jin'ei (sporadic_sak)
at July 6th, 2007 (11:55 pm)


We are a relatively new community, we don’t demand you to join, but ask for your friendship and support in helping us build from foundation up. If you are interested in joining, the rules are very flexible and the application process is simple; both of which have been revised into the simplest of forms. We are a live journal role-play community, looking for various characters of all kinds from different medias, videogames, comic books, movies, TV shows, and anime. If you are interested, I suggest you make it known by taking the time to fill out our character application form.

A recent development has prompted us acquire a monthly event for the community in order to gather the greatest of role-players to take part in a tournament of the ‘greatest fighters’ in our alternative universe. If the ideas of typing up an extensive entry regarding the stance, or fighting technique of a character appeals to you, this is your chance to flaunt your skills. We are also looking for members who love to brain storm and help us advance into a suitable plot that involves everyone, or just the main characters. If you would like a chance to make a difference, putting that old character journal back in action, we welcome you!